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* If you already have downloaded the client, you do not need to download it again after each update. Enough to run old and it will update your version to the latest automatically.


Most of the changes and innovations of this add-on are aimed at improving the game ecosystem. We want to make it healthier, add diversity, which is now so lacking. After all, the ecosystem can not be called healthy, when the most of players have the identical developing way. Different captains, different ships, different options for evolving captains and building asteroids - that's what we're aiming for. This innovation has to be the main driving force on the way of diversity introducing.




- 50th level of the captain's development is not the limit now! The levels limit is increased and your captains can make a breakthrough to level 51! The captain, who has made such a breakthrough, will receive a special property (Authority), which has a positive effect on all of your captains.


Authority bonuses:

1) Experience gained by captains will increase by + 100%;

2) All captains will receive +1 additional bonus skill point at level up (i.e. three points instead of two);

3) All ships of Spies, Warriors, Navigators and Cyborgs will increase the energy recovery rate by + 15%;

4) For all ships of the Manufacturers and Scientists, the maximum shield size will increase by + 20%;

5) For all Defender ships, the ship's damage with a ram will increase by + 25%.


First captain, which reaches level 51, will have the Authority. Only one of your captains can have Authority. With the dismissal of that captain, Authority will automatically pass to another your level 51 captain. If you don't have one, then the Authority will be temporarily lost, but it will resume its action when the captain of level 51 appears. The captain, who has received bonus skill points from Authority, will lose these bonus points when resetting skills!


- Added a new level of "Captain Levels" science.


- Battles from quests for 50 level captains will now be available to captains of level 51. Quests for 50 levels of captains will act at level 51.


- Mentors, who have made a request, will monthly receive special Runes to reduce the experience gained by the captain (if have a 51 level captain).


A lot of questions have accumulated to the system of Premium ships purchasing. First issue is the loss of the Premium ship with the captain dismissal. We always wanted the dismissal and hiring of the captain to be common as hiring helpers for developing of your empire. First, the empire must be built, then strengthened, then expanded. At each stage you need different helpers. And the stronger they are the better. So the loss of the Premium ship's with the dismissal of the captain does not fit into this picture at all. Second issue is the high price of Premium ships. Any player wants the captain's to always be on the Premium ships. But only a few can afford it due to its high price. We tried to smooth out this problem with frequent discounts, but that did not change the situation as a whole. And now we hope that the next innovation will be a welcome decision.




- The system for purchasing premium ships has been changed. Now the purchase is not local to a one specific captain, but globally to all captains. That is, you can purchase the Premium ship once for all your captains (as for captains you have now as for captains who will appear in the future).


- Despite the fact that ships are now bought for all captains, the prices will remain the same as it was when buying a Premium ship for only one captain. In this regard, there are no new discounts on ships in the plans.


- There are 9 new premium services added for the purchasing of ships. That is, now you can buy ships not only in captain's skills, but also in premium services.


- The Lords who purchased the ship before this upgrade, will receive a new service automatically.


A lot has changed in the game after the introduction of the Earth Fleet. Most of these changes were positive. But after a while it became clear that sooner or later we will have to reconsider rewards in deuterium in some quest battles. We were postponing this revise for a long time, but we can not continue to delay it. In addition, the forced changes will affect the top three ranks of the Fleet, in particular Fleet Admiral. This rank was conceived as the highest achievement that a player gains for a while. We wanted that it was impossible to stay on it for a long time, so that players always strive for it, get it, lose it and get it again. From this position, the salary of the Fleet Admiral was to be a special valuable reward. So it was done. But we underestimated the skill of our players. They are incredibly skilful warriors who can easily keep on the top rank for long time. In general, it turned out not at all as planned. It would be possible to add impassable fights for the Fleet Admirals, but this is not the best solution. So we have taken another way, which, as we hope, will solve this problem. Now, the time you can hold the rank of the Fleet Admiral will mostly depend on luck.




- For the top three rank of the Earth Fleet, the amount of deuterium received in the salary was reduced (from 100/200/300 to 75/150/250)


- The reward in deuterium in some quest battles is reduced by adding (or increasing) rewards in other resources.


- The maximum valor for the Fleet Admiral rank is changed from 5 to 3.


- Fleet Admirals will finally be able to fight the leader of the sectarians, the Patriarch! The winners will receive a special badge of distinction and a unique combat artifact.


- According to numerous requests, we have added a new quest for experienced players - the destruction of the Alien Bosses with a gold artifact as the award.


- Lords who have accumulated more than 1.5 billion credits will be able to give part of these funds to their advisers to safekeeping.


Another obstacle to improve the game ecosystem is the unconditional dominance of one captain class over others, at the high levels of player development. This problem is obvious to everyone, and Supreme Council of Lords is considering the issue of changing this situation not first time. There were many ideas and proposals, but it was hard to reach an agreement. And as a result of long debates and discussions, a compromise was found. The Defender captain will receive a new skill that retain all the features and benefits of this class, but also let other classes of captains to compete with the Defender in popularity.




- Defender's skill "Ship's Armor" is replaced by a new skill "Resistance most matters!" which increases ship's resistance to damage, but reduces own damage (+30% resistance and -30% damage).


- Increased (+3%) the toughness and the reserve of minibots for the basic ships (not premium) at the last level of pilot skills.


- Added a limit on the reduction of experience obtained by the captain (-95%).


- Added improvements in the game Store which was available for buy only at website before (Runes: Gir, Officers: A. Wild, K. O'Hara, G. Vallis, C. and A. Brahms, B. Gorr, R. Ainsworth and all officers the Apprentices; Artifact: Battle Gear). It will be sold only for tritium and at higher price at the game Store, but at website the prices have not changed, moreover, there are some discounts!


Overall clan TOP
171201593 19
158362841 30
Нет клана
45577635 10
26906434 9
26553018 6
Robberies clan TOP
32870 30
26614 19
Нет клана
14081 10
6477 10
6467 6